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As one of 16 national EI Technology Gateways, CREDIT Technology Gateway provides technological expertise in the field of renewables and energy optimisation to generate solutions for the close to market needs of Irish industry and business sector. CREDIT Technology Gateway is fast becoming a vital part of Ireland’s energy and renewables research and innovation landscape actively supporting business and industry to become more competitive facilitated through problem solving, targeted R&D, innovation and enabling faster adoption of emerging technologies and processes to create new markets.

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Are you looking to explore a business opportunity or solve a problem? Read our FAQ'S and see how you can build links and gain access to over 300 industry-focused researchers and engineers with specialist expertise, equipment and facilities.https://www.technologygateway.ie/enterprise-ireland-technology-gateways-faqs/

Researchers in @credit_gateway have many years of wind resource assessment experience. Read how they lead the way in Ireland’s #energy and #renewables research and innovation landscape. https://www.technologygateway.ie/credit-gateway-leading-the-way-in-renewables-energy-optimisation/

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