Research Challenges

CREDIT Technology Gateway is a renewables and energy optimisation research group that applies emerging technologies, expertise and specialist knowledge across the energy and renewables sector to help innovative businesses and companies succeed in the introduction of new and improved processes, products and services. CREDIT Technology Gateway provides access to R&D solutions to develop new products or services, or implement optimisation of a process/s, for business and industry. Please contact us to discuss your product and process needs.

CREDIT Technology Gateway can offer support on projects of all sizes to all types of company including start-ups, SMES, national and multinational enterprises, business and communities including the Agricultural Sector.


CREDIT Technology Gateway supports small, medium and large business growth by equipping organisations with the right testing and trialling environments, demonstration tools, lab space and technologies, and research expertise to bring new products, processes and services to market, boosting productivity, developing the workforce and providing a catalyst for technological change.

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